Green Technology

Power Energy Audit and analysis

Energy Oasis Solutions is Green Technology Company from Malaysia which involves in Power Energy Audit and analysis, green technology and renewable energy (RE) segment. This is with in view of Malaysia’s vision towards sustainable economy and development with efforts to create awareness on “Go Green”.

Building Management System Audit (BMS)

BMS are control methods for systems to make sure they are aligned to operation needs of the building. BMS audit usually done to find faults caused by incorrect readings, settings, operation, maintenance and calibration. These faults usually are the main reason for a building to consume more energy to meet comfort zone of building tenants. Energy Oasis can help building owners to fine tune their BMS by finding the best and optimum setting for the building system and provide necessary improvements recommendations for cost savings.

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Energy Management System Audit (EMS)

EMS are activities and task done to maintain and sustain optimal energy consumption for buildings. It covers:-

  • Developing and managing plans
  • Apply techniques, tools and technologies
  • Measure, control and verify with report

EMS audit can help building owners reducing environmental impact through efficient energy usage. Energy Oasis can help building owners in framing Energy Management Methods and System that is easy and yet competitive to sustain energy and achieve bill savings.

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Boiler Audit

Boiler audit is an activity to look into operation parameter of a boiler system which is about 5 years old and more. The task here is to analysis and conclude the combustion side and hydraulic circuit of boiler whether it consumes more fuel to maintain the steam-water ratio.

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Chiller Audit

Carbon dioxide audit is a task to identify and minimize emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) especially CO2 either direct emission or indirect emission. Direct emission means emission from the buildings system like boilers, processing plant, mobile source like vehicle transports for logistics; and ventilation. Indirect emission means through energy purchase like electricity and gas for heating and cooling.

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Energy Audit & Analysis

Energy audits ate to identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce client operating cost through energy conservation and planning. Energy audit concentrates on energy efficiency through analysis of all aspects of the facility’s energy consumption and use. Energy use analysis is performed by collecting and analyzing historic utility data and cost. Once data has been collected and analyzed, Energy Oasis can identify areas for improvement based on benchmarks for similar entities.

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